Furukawa Seicha


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Loose leaf tea /Finished aging /MIxed

100% Hand-picked first flush tea 

Tencha, the raw material for Matcha, is stored under strict control until autumn after picking tea in spring. During the long time of half a year, umami and taste of Tencha will increase in depth and mellowness. After the aging period, the immaturity and sharpness of the spring scent are softened, and the "Ooika" similar to the scent of fresh green seaweed becomes even more fragrant.

In the world of Japanese tea ceremony, there is a tea event called  口切 Kuchikiri . In the spring, the 茶人 Chajin,master of tea entrusts the tea jar to the 茶師 Chashi,tea manufacturer  who fills the tea jar with Tencha and seals it tightly. Around November,the 茶人 unseals  the tea jar, grinds the Tencha in it with a stone mill, and taste the tea of ​​the year. It is a very important and joyful event for 茶人.

You can enjoy Tencha as Matcha by grinding it with a stone mill, or you can enjoy it as leaf tea using a teapot.


Mellow    Aging    Chic elegance   Layered flavor and aroma

(Net weight 30g / Gross weight 40g)


<From the Farmer>

Tencha is a raw material for Matcha and is a product that we can handle because we are a tea producer. We occasionally entertain guests with Tencha. They are all surprised at how delicious it is. That's what makes us happy. Please open the door to a new world of tea that is different from Matcha.


Approximate guide when extracting with a teapot:

2 grams of Tencha/40cc of hot water at 60 degrees/4 minutes

*Please adjust the amount of Tencha and hot water and the brewing time according to your preference.

* Precautions for storage: Store away from direct sunlight, heat and humidity.
* Shelf life: 6 months if unopened. After opening, it is recommended to drink up as soon as possible.