Furukawa Seicha


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 Variety : Asahi ,shaded with reeds and straw / Ujihikari / Samidori /Saemidori

100% Hand-picked first flush tea 

It is a blend of all four varieties grown in our garden, with Asahi and Ujihikari as the main varieties, as well as Samidori and Saemidori.

Sunshine, gentle breezes, moistening rains, and freezing air - this matcha makes you feel all of these things in our tea garden.


Sharp Straight    Pleasant aftertaste    Rich   Deep-Umami

(Net weight 20g / Gross weight 70g)


<From the Farmer>

Our blend matcha Asahi & Ujihijkari won the GOLD award at The LEAFIES 2023.


We are proud of our prestigious award and have given this matcha the name KAZUI-嘉瑞-.
KAZUI/嘉瑞 means " delight " or " auspicious omen " in Japan.

We have carefully blended our teas, mainly Asahi and Ujihikari, to bring out the best in each variety, which we know because we grow our own teas ourselves.

We hope you will try the taste of our tea garden for yourself.



*Precautions for storage: Store away from direct sunlight, heat and humidity. For long-term storage, refrigeration is recommended.
*Shelf life: 6 months if unopened and refrigerated. After opening, it is recommended to drink up as soon as possible within 2-3 weeks.