A Message From the Tea Farmers

We are tea farmers in the Gokasho area of Uji city, said to be the birthplace of Uji tea. Our ancestors began making tea during the Edo period. And now, in the land inherited from them, right next to the Uji River, we grow tea using traditional Uji methods of Under cover cultivation and Natural style.

All of our teas are harvested by hand once a year—only Spring tea. And, we meticulously steam, dry, shape, and gently grind the tea leaves with a stone mill.

Our tea is delivered to you directly from our tea garden.

We cannot describe the taste of tea in plain words, because the taste of tea is something you enjoy with your five senses, and your heart.

Try our tea, and then express what you are feeling.

We hope that you will have a splendid time with our tea.

Furukawa Seicha Inc.

How to enjoy our matcha

1, If possible, please sift the matcha with a tea strainer.
2, Put 1.7g (approx. 1 teaspoon) of matcha in a tea bowl, add 5~10cc of water and knead it into a paste with a Chasen.
3, Add 50cc hot water and whisk with a Chasen until creamy.
4, Enjoy!

*Adjust the amount of matcha and hot water according to your preference.
*If possible, use soft or distilled water. Japanese water is soft. And, soft water is suitable for matcha made with Japanese soil.

We are glad you'll have a nice time with our tea!!