HOUJICHA (Rosted tea)
HOUJICHA (Rosted tea)

HOUJICHA (Rosted tea)

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Stem of Tencha / Mixed

100% Hand-picked first flush tea 

The material is stem of Tencha .We have devised a roasting method according to each raw material.

Strong roasting: Thick stem of Samidori

Medium roasting: Thin stem such as Asahi

Light roasting: Competition grade tea veins and core

Sweet and Fresh Rosty   Tosty   Slight sweetness  Pleasant Umami

(Net weight 50g / Gross weight 60g)

<From the Farmer>

When processing Tencha into Matcha, unnecessary stems always remain. We tried the stem into Houjicha(roasted tea). It is not interesting to roast all the ingredients in the same way, so we changed the roasting method according to the ingredients.

Various things such as thick and thin, dark brown and green are mixed to make tea.

Our new roasted tea with umami and freshness has been completed.