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 Variety : Samidori

100% Hand-picked first flush tea 


It has a deep and rich taste and aroma, and has a refined and smooth Umami unique to Uji native species—a gentle Umami that everyone feels is delicious and calming. Soft green color.

Gentle    Calm     Peaceful aroma     Mild Umami

(Net weight 20g / Gross weight 70g)

<From the Farmer>

This is the most cultivated variety of hand-harvested Tencha in Uji, as well as in our tea gardens, because the period suitable for tea picking is long and the yield is high. It is popular with tea pickers because it has a high water content, a firm stem, and is easy to pick.


*Precautions for storage: Store away from direct sunlight, heat and humidity. For long-term storage, refrigeration is recommended.
*Shelf life: 6 months if unopened and refrigerated. After opening, it is recommended to drink up as soon as possible within 2-3 weeks.